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About Vitamin Supplements

Are you looking for a daily dose of CBD that's easy to take? Discover HSR's line of CBD vitamin supplements! We offer CBD choices for all of your daily needs to kick off your morning, unwind in the afternoon, or support your bedtime routine. We offer CBD in many forms. So to help break it down, we'll take a look at:

Why you should take vitamin supplements
How they work
What makes HSR's vitamin supplements special
How you know you’re getting the best supplements available

Why you should take Vitamin Supplements

HSR's vitamin supplements are incredibly easy ways to make CBD part of your daily wellness routine. They offer you consistency, familiarity, and simplicity. These CBD vitamin supplements can help you on your own journey to wellness. In short, our vitamin supplements are…

Super fast to take (Perfect for anyone with a busy schedule, and let’s face it, that’s all of us!)
Sugar-free (perfect for people who need to avoid sugar for personal or other reasons)
Highly portable (Many of our customers live an on-the-go lifestyle, and we want to give them an easy way to make space for wellness.)

NOTE: Our capsules are 100% vegan, but our softgels are not.

Benefits of Vitamin Supplements

CBD offers the benefit of helping you manage ordinary, everyday stress. No matter what type of life you live, you have stressors all around you. Traffic, deadlines, budgets, goals, relationships, and physical, mental and emotional challenges of all kinds. You need a little source of support in your corner! 

Calming your nerves is the first step to problem-solving, and recovering with a clear, focused mindset and a relaxed body is essential. People take CBD because it interacts with a special set of receptors in your body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). While researchers are learning more and more about the ECS and the role it plays in your overall health every day, we do know that the ECS plays a part in many of your body’s processes that are central to your well-being, such as sleep, energy levels, appetite, immune system, recovery, and more.

Vitamin Supplement ingredients

High Society Relief's vitamin supplements contain hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts and other functionally supportive ingredients depending on which capsule you choose. The casing of our capsules is vegetable-based and vegan, a standard for wellness capsules of all kinds. We offer this option because we’re determined to help people with all lifestyles find a road to wellness that works for them.